Not Another Mastermind

At M1 we believe there are 5 integral pillars to living the life of a whole-life millionaire. Yes, I can help you to become financially free. But I do not believe that is the most important thing I can teach you.


There are plenty of mastermind groups focused on making money and countless ways to become a millionaire. After decades of training with some of the best coaches in the world, I have learned that money is just one part of a much larger picture. Making millions is just one-fifth of the equation, the other 80% is just as important. It might even be more important. The other four pillars–building and maintaining authentic relationships, creating habits for age-defying health, crossing off bucket list adventures, and being someone who genuinely contributes to our Tribe and the community at large–are essential to creating an epic life.


I don’t believe in half-assing your life. Yes, it is hard to keep up with these pillars. Yes, habits are difficult to change. But what story do you want to define your life? To dictate where you go?There are no good excuses for putting your life on hold. I often tell my Tribe: the words that follow “I am” follow you. What limiting beliefs are following you right now?


April 7 is World Health Day and I challenge you to take this time to finally commit to yourself. Stop putting aside your physical wellness for temporary pain relievers. I challenge you to ask yourself what you can do to make yourself healthier, wealthier, and free from the limitations of cravings, addictions, and bad habits. Look at your excuses, your limiting stories, and see what part of you they are serving.Are those stories serving your excuses or your dreams?


I am always inspired watching my Tribe show up when they could listen to their own excuses. This month, for example, I met my M1 Tribe in Cabo San Lucas for an event that was beyond epic. It would have been easy for any one of the people who came to Cabo to say they did not have the money, the time, or the energy to go. They could have believed any one of those stories.


But they didn’t. They showed up for themselves and each other to grow, expand, and celebrate their lives. And you know what they got? The opportunity to network with real, street smart millionaires, to pick their brains about how they made their millions. They didn’t do it sitting in a conference room in front of a powerpoint. They did it from our catamaran in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They connected over sunsets from our cliff-side villa. They manifested it during sunrise yoga sessions.


We get back what we put into life. My Tribe showed up in Cabo so I showed up for them, treating them to a weekend fit for the badass millionaires that they are becoming. All because they decided to create their own definitions to the stories they tell themselves.

Sign up for an event. It doesn’t have to be mine. Find one that inspires you and follow it. Push yourself.

Join a Tribe, a community that will re-define your story.


Take yourself to the gym even when, or especially when, you don’t feel like it. Celebrate your health like its the most important thing you have because it is. Let yourself step into the epic, badass life that is waiting for you.