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I did not get my free eBook

Visit Rock’s website at and complete the online application to receive your free gift! If you already filled in the form, please search for the email with subject line: “Here’s The Power of Your Identity”. It could be in your Spam or Promotions folder.

What do I need in order to become an Affiliate?

You own a product which is 100% ready, hosted in a platform of your choice, you have a sales page and an affiliate system in place. If you have all this in place, submit our application here:

Where and how do you promote my product?

There are several ways by which we promote your product. Your online course is displayed 24/7 on our website. You are invited as a guest speaker on our internal podcast which is only accessible to M1 members and where you get a live opportunity to share your expertise and interact with the tribe. You are featured in one of our monthly newsletter that goes out to our entire list. We co-create a campaign with a series of emails about you and your product that goes out to our list. You can potentially be invited as a guest speaker in one of our live events.

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