Spring Cleaning 101 for Badasses


The Spring is finally here and with it, there is the sense that anything is possible. There’s something different about this time of year. Energy increases, confidence builds, and the world opens.


Right about now, we tend to feel this need to de-clutter, clean, and make things new again. Spring cleaning goes into full effect. Suddenly, we’re moving couches and scrubbing walls.


But is that the only way to spend this amazing surge of energy?


There is a saying we have here at M1, “Where the focus goes, the energy flows.”


Where you focus your energy and what you think matters. It determines what you internalize and how your life expands. Instead of just spring cleaning your house, maybe it’s time to spring clean your vision, your goals, and your values.


This is the time when we must take a step back so that we can look forward. Hold yourself accountable for what you set out to do in January and plan what you want these warmer months to be.


Visualize it. How do you want this summer to feel? Who do you want to spend it with? What will you accomplish by the end of it? How is this time going to serve you? How can you use it to serve others?


If it’s your busy season at work, maybe it’s time to refocus your business goals and priorities.


For many of us, summer is the time to catch up with family and friends.


Ask yourself before you get to these situations: Will those backyard beers serve my health goals? Do those BBQ invitations bring me closer to the peer group I need to level up my life? Is this morning ritual bringing me into my best possible day, every single day?


Look at your goals, your visions, and your values. Clean them up. Eliminate what’s not working. Take the things you set aside and dust them off. Declutter your mental space from mindless tasks to make room for planning your path to success.


Maybe you lost focus over the last month. That’s okay. Remember that life happens to everybody. It’s what you do with it that counts. Take the time to plan your goals, hold yourself accountable, and make it happen.


Remind yourself that you are building the life of your dreams.


For everything that does not serve this, toss it right in the trash. Then, get back to building your epic life.