Meet The Team

Passionately Curious People From Across the Globe Who Make it Happen – No Matter What

The team at Rock Thomas International (RTI) is a synergistic group of badasses coming together to inspire world change and personal growth. As an international company, the RTI team is comprised of incredible talent from , including a few digital nomads.

Learn more about our main leaders below or learn about careers opportunities with us.

Regardless of where on the map they are located, RTI team members all share a set of common values:  to support, encourage, and challenge people to unlock their potential, accelerate their success, and lead truly epic lives.

Rock Thomas

Founder & CEO

Mark Yegge


Rebekah Hamner

Community Leader

Chris Buna

Community Leader

Carolyn Colleen

Community Development Lead

Jonathan Roumain

Advertising/Creative Director

Community Management
Isa Machado

Content & Partnerships

Melissa Masella

Tribe Facilitator

Jayson Stone

Tribe Facilitator

Steve Ciprani

Tribe Facilitator

Mic Murray

Tribe Facilitator

Salvatore Liberti

Director of Opportunities

Nicholas Spohn

RTI & M1 Certified Coach

Ian Lobas

RTI & M1 Certified Coach