March Madness

It’s almost time for March Madness and I’ve been thinking, isn’t this March to a Million that we’re on our own March Madness?


For those of you who aren’t basketball fans, March Madness is the nickname for the NCAA tournament. Every March, 64 College teams face off in an intense series of sudden death basketball games. Their whole year culminates in one game at a time, each win being another step towards the championship.


For some of these young athletes who are looking to play pro, one pivotal moment, in one game, could be the difference between having the life they’ve always dreamed of and letting it all go.


Decades of work and it all comes down to the one shot, one block, or one minute on the game clock to determine their future.


There have been many of these seemingly small, micro-moments in my own March to a Million. Times where the clock was ticking, the pressure was building, and I had to act. One way or another. Some of those times I failed, I missed the shot. Others, I fucking nailed it.


But I would have never had the chance to do this March at all if I had not stood up in those moments and went for it. There is no reward without risk, no success without failure. All the years of my own work, and it has always come down to these singular moments in time.


I am not alone in this. There is a whole world filled with people who are taking their shot, making their move in the moments that matter most.


Our M1 Tribe members are constantly faced with these same moments. The ones where they have to ask themselves, is this it? Is this the next step in my March to a Million? But the power of M1 is that they do not simply need to ask themselves as they have me, other street-smart millionaires, and, probably most impactful, they have each other and their PODS to ask and to hold them accountable.


I’ve watched many of my Tribe stand up over and over again during their March to a Million and take their chances.


What I’ve found is that there is a relentless determination to those who succeed.


It is not because they have something that you don’t, it is because they simply refuse to give up. And when the time comes, as it always does, that they lose in their own moments of extreme pressure, they do not stop. They embrace their loss, own it, and then they get back to work.


When these incredible college athletes stand up to play, they know what they are up against. For basketball players, there is a roughly 1% chance that they will go from playing in college to becoming a professional in the NBA. To most people, those odds would feel impossible. Yet every year, there is March Madness. Every year, these players go and play for that one game, that one moment.


These are our sudden death tournament games. If we lose, we are out of the game. But we are only out for that year. When we lose we get back up and we start training, harder and better for the next season.