5-4-3-2-1 Go

I have a question for you.

How are your New Year resolutions coming along? Are you still riding that wave, high on the prospect of a huge life change? Or is the weariness of that work settling in, dragging you back towards old habits and beliefs?

In other words, are you moving forward or are you standing still?

Often times, we don’t end up achieving the results we want because we do not yet have the clarity on what we want. You may want to be financially free, or a millionaire before you’re 40, but if you do not know the steps to get there, you will likely just end up throwing ideas at the wall and hope one of them sticks.

Sound familiar?

Think about it. Every day presents us with choices. What you decide at any given moment will determine whether you move towards an epic life, one that makes you excited just to be alive, or it will move you away from it.

There is a very simple technique that can help prepare you for this, and it all comes back to one thing: how decisive are you? Are you clear about your goals and life vision, and are you willing to make the choices that take you there?

Tools to Conquer Decision Fatigue

We have all experienced this at some point. But with one simple technique, you can defeat it forever.

Start by recognizing where this decision fatigue is coming from. Become aware of why you are feeling this way. I’d bet that almost all of the energy you are spending is on meaningless, minor decisions.

What am I going to wear to that meeting today? Should I have another cup of coffee? What should I eat for lunch? These small choices cost us huge amounts of energy and are mostly irrelevant to our goals, successes, and visions for our life.

Now, wherever you are in your journey towards your goals, I invite you to pause for this one brief moment. Five seconds, that’s all you’ll need for this technique developed by Mel Robbins.

The Five Second Rule

The concept is simple: every time you need to make a decision, force yourself into one within 5 seconds.

When the next question or conflict comes up, stop right where you are and take a brief moment to make your decision. What do you want for dinner? 5-4-3-2-1 Go! What jacket are you going to wear? 5-4-3-2-1 Go! What time will you wake up tomorrow? 5-4-3-2-1 Go!

Build the reflex up, practicing whenever you are facing a new question. Over time, it will naturally become a part of your thought pattern leading you to take massive action through these small choices.

This helps you to be prepared when the important questions in life come up. Is this work fulfilling to me? Am I happy in my relationships? Am I the best partner/employee/leader/friend/parent I can be?

Am I living a mediocre life?

When these questions inevitably arise, I hope you have a Tribe around you who can help you to answer them.

There is a very real blueprint for success, but learning these techniques is not enough. You must apply them and take massive action in order for your life to really start to change.

How can you take massive action, right now, in this very moment? What choices can you decide upon today that will make the biggest impact? Get clear on what you want and then get used to saying no to anything that does not fit in with that.

2019 is just beginning, make this the year that you stay in motion.