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Whole-Life Millionaire Mastermind Experience

Unleash Your Greatness. Join us in Breckenridge, Colorado!
January 19 – 22, 2019
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Welcome to
Swift Landing Villa, Breckenridge

Welcome to
Pioneer Villa, Breckenridge

Our events are like nothing you have experienced before.

Would you rather sit in a hotel meeting room with a notebook and 500 strangers, hoping to pick up a nugget of information to propel you to the next level of success and happiness, or hang out in a luxurious private hotel and mansion with a small tribe of people on the same journey as you? With street-smart millionaires who will guide you through intensive, personal, and fun activities (think sky, care racing, epic-life building exercises, and more)?


Epic adventures! (previous years included paintball, ultimate frisbee, and more).

Life-changing experiences! Mastermind with fellow M1ers and Millionaires.

Vision-building and focused, fun activities & lots of bonding!

Rocket-fuel for your goals! Learn from real Street Smart Millionaires.

Tickets for M1 Members, Alumni, and their spouses/partners

Event only, accommodation and food separate!

M1 Members and Alumni
M1 Members and Alumni Spouses/Partners Who Are Members Themselves
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Non-Members and Spouses/Partners Who Are Not Part Of M1

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