A supportive ecosystem with tools and mentors that allow you to massively improve abundance in ALL areas of your life!
The rocket fuel for your epic life - regardless of where you're at!... 

“M1 has had a very large impact on our success. . .

When I joined M1 in November of 2015 my annual income was $90,000 and I had no concept of a budget. My wife and I owned our primary residence but that was it. Fast forward to today, our annual income for 2017 was $380,000 (Net) and we now own 8 rental units in California that all sit around 50% equity. M1 has had a very large impact on our success. I needed somewhere to get the tools and you have done a wonderful job providing me with them. I can’t thank you enough for the impact this group has had on my life. "
~ Seth Choate
Want to be a whole-life millionaire? Here are 2 things you must have... 
The M1 program transcends its curated content. It is about being a part of an integral tribe that consists of like-minded people just like you with huge amounts of positive energy. We believe that every blueprint of success requires a set of tools and a helping hand.

Imagine if there are 10 people readily equipped with tools just waiting for you to call upon them for help. With their assistance, the rate of success becomes higher and the time required to attain it gets lower. Now, what if there are hundreds of them?
In M1 Tribe, every individual looks after one another and will hold everyone accountable to their goals. In this pursuit of success, you are not alone and you don’t have to be.

What you measure, improves. Better yet, what you measure, report and act upon will improve exponentially. In M1 Tribe, everyone chooses no less than to live an epic life while reporting on their progress, being accountable to their goals and actions and celebrating their successes.
You're struggling to create a balanced lifestyle
You dream of reducing expenses and increasing passive income
You desire to be part of a like-minded community
You're committed to achieving age-defying health
Yohave a burning desire to succeed
You're eager to bypass the learning curve
Rock has been Featured on...
Dale Archdekin
"I just took back my life..."
Charles Waterman
"This is something I certainly see the benefits to..."

“I'm proud of my tribe and it makes me stronger. . . .

The M1 program is a no brainer. Like anything else, you get what you give – but with  the mentors, the framework, vision, the accountability... Anyone committed to this program with prosper. Not just financially, but as a human being - your health, your goal setting, your ability.  This group will sharpen your skills, call you on your B.S. and keep you on the right track. The track well past 1 million. It can be summed best, by the great late Jim Rohn. “Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.“ This is a tribe - I'm proud of my tribe and it makes me stronger. I say it every morning. I gained this from mentorship with Gobundance and fully support M1. 
Parting thoughts:  “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the  demands to perform are high.” “Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”-Jim Rohn 
~ Jason Janati 

" It continued to improve my life . . .

After the most amazing and influential 4 days I can remember of masterminding and  adventure in Denver with the badasses of GB I joined the M1 Group. I was never surrounded by a group who was so open, willing to share knowledge and pushed each other to grow. They truly inspire success. I literally and figuratively climbed a  mountain with these guys over those 4 days and I have been kicking ass since. In only 2 months they have shown me how to focus on success in life, not just business, the powerful connection between a healthy body stimulating the mind, and their approach to success works! I am in the best shape I have been in since college, I am setting goals and actually sticking to them, and I am creating income!! GB and The M1 group compounds on itself. From each mastermind session, to the accountability, the books, and each bit of information passed on has continued to improve my life in one way or another. While I have much bigger goals to still achieve I have already added another $15K of passive income this year (it’s only been 2 months). The possibility of adding this income was always there but I never acted on it, their accountability forced these actions and made it happen. It’s definitely not easy. It is challenging. But winners rise to a challenge and I could not be more proud to win and lead an epic life next to these guys."
~ John Pack
Paco Vasquez
"I would advise anyone who wants to grab life big to be part of the tribe..."

“I have pushed my comfort zone and pushed my limits . . .

A year of ups and downs, of overwhelm and of achievement. I have pushed my comfort zone and pushed my limits on many occasions. I cannot imagine the past year any other way as I feel so much learning has been done.
As June is nearing the end I have started my 6month review, here are some of my takeaways and highlights so far from 2018:
Health Nutrition
229 on GB9
Target weight 60kg
Lifestyle/ Adventure
Lived in Mexico for 3months (new country)
Visited Cuba for 2 weeks (new country)
103 days of meditation in a row
More time in UK, quality time with family and great memories (too many to name)
Exhibitions in London, Cardiff and Yorkshire
Cover artist of first print edition of CreativPaper
Filmed and created process film for promoting my art practice
Invested in 4 companies with IG currently up :-D
Investment property stable and going well
Personal Growth
Read/listened to 20 books
Looking forward, I want to get a part time remote job. I need a role to supply some regular income. The absence of a regular income over the past 16 months has really effected my confidence and self worth. This has surprised me as I thought I would be strong enough to deal with the financial uncertainty.
The next year will bring more clarity with the direction of my business, an increased creative network, a business mentor and more clarity with regards to my lifestyle.
~ Kim Youdan

"I love the direction I am heading!

So when I came into M1 I was unfulfilled in my current business, yes I was making a great deal of money, but still unfulfilled. 4 months later I am working on reshifting the entire messaging of my business, fired 5 coaching clients that were draining me, manage a Crossfit Gym, possibly collaborating with another M1 member (who will remain a mystery at this point) on joining forces, started working for M1 (1 week in and am having a blast), alongside working on land deals. I love the direction I am heading! IF YOU ARE WONDERING IF YOUR MONEY SPENT ON M1 IS BEING MAXIMIZED........START HITTING PEOPLE UP TO GET ON CALLS. GET IN COMMUNICATION!!!!! #GRABLIFEBIG Grateful mostly for Rebekah Hamner Jayson Stone, Carolyn Colleen , Ian Lobass, Phil Capron and Nicholas Spohn "
~ Mark Crandall 

“I accomplished my biggest goal  . . .

The greatest thing I have accomplished over this year is letting go of limiting beliefs!! Finding my true self and my center. I accomplished my biggest goal which was relocating back to Florida. I just officially signed a job offer for a position I never would have even applied for if it weren’t for M1 and got it! 
In the next year, I will focus more on investing and my finances. The past year has been a whirlwind and I am grateful to move forward with the foundation that has been built around me and within me! ."
~ Regina Zeuner

'' It feels like a family of people supporting me . . .

A HUGE thank you to Rebekah Hamner, Chris Buna, Sven Skarie, Linzee Ciprani, Pablo Yahuda, Matthew Eng, Abby Wasserbauer-Lewis and whoever else was on the alumni call last night. THANK YOU! Up until now, M1 was just a program and a Facebook group I was in, which of course brought value. After everyone personally investing their time and knowledge last night, it really feels like a family of people supporting me and I now know I have a tribe of people I can grow with for the rest of my life, instead of something I was just paying a monthly fee for and learning from. WOW! Great job leading this group of badasses, Rock Thomas! I'm blessed to be part of it! ."
~ Travis Billingham

“I have LITERALLY attracted wealth into my life. . . .

I usually don't post much up here but wanted to express my gratitude to all of M1 and Gobundance over the last year and a half who have transformed my life by:
* Doubling my net worth
* Strengthening my relationships
* Pushing me in obtaining 12 rental propertiesout-of-state while working a full-time job
* Helping to become a more open, patient, and resilient person
* Encouraging me to complete a 10-day silent meditation retreat
* Travel/Cruising around Europe with my family for 3 weeks
* Creating the opportunity to work directly with and for GoBundance Elite (David Greene & Brandon Turner)
* Building my reputation as a successful real estate investor among my entire network . What has especially hit me hard was that by becoming a better and more giving person with the knowledge I have gained from this group to others outside of the group, I have LITERALLY attracted wealth into my life. 
Below is a screenshot of the balance of the new business account I set up in the last few days to participate in an apartment syndication with my GoBundance brothers. Major take-away: THIS IS ALL OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.
The person I have become is more than I could have ever possibly imagined over a year and a half ago, thanks to all of you, M1! Thank you Rock Thomas for creating something truly special! ."
~ Derek Clifford
Michael Sehl
"A ton of energy here and it's contagious..."

“I’ve become much stronger as a leader. .

I’ve been meditating on this and thinking about it in depth actually! It’s been a lot of reflection for me as I’ve learned to look back at how far I’ve come, instead of looking up the mountain thinking the top is too high. 

This year was huge for me- I accepted a position to open a new school at the same exact time I joined M1. With two difficult employees- I started with zero students, doing most of the heavy lifting, and brought karate to a whole new community. Loving the area but not the commute- I relocated my family across the state line selling and buying a house, and tapped into the natural resources of living the lake life. In theory...actually I was mostly working around the clock. 

We just celebrated one year- I’ve raised up a new loyal, hardworking, employee and it’s now just the two of us running the show harmoniously. We have just hit our goal of 150 active students, (over 200 total) hitting 20k + every month, and breaking sales records every month in both our 6 schools and in the 10 or so schools that Grandmaster Arthur mentors. 

I achieved 2nd degree black belt and I’m so proud of my students and how well they represent Fort Mill at graduations and tournaments. I’m so blessed to have a job where I physically get to see lives change right in front of me. As I teach confidence, discipline, age-defying health, team spirit, patience and more on a daily basis, I’ve become much stronger as a leader. My favorite quote, which has inspired me all year: “leaders know the way and show the way”

When I get upset about not accomplishing the monthly goals I set for myself and my school- I put it into perspective and realize that I am expecting more from myself than anyone else- and that’s why my numbers are higher than anyone else’s. I’ve done more this year than I thought possible. 

This next 12 months- I plan on laying down the foundation for financial freedom so that my family can enjoy life and I can continue on my path of making a difference in peoples lives. Im so lucky to have a passion for what I do- To be able to keep at it and free myself from stress- I need to focus on growing horizontal income so that money is never an obstacle to my passions. Onward and Upward! Black Belts don’t give up! ."
~ Britt Taylor

“Getting unexpected deals. . .

Whooo just got word we got 28 doors under contract outside Louisville  and just got off the phone with the broker on a possible 64 door in SC and possible 5 door Airbnb conversion here in Charleston, SC. 
All directly the result of the people and the networking from M1!!
~ Scott Huggins
We Believe in The Concept of Accountability, Do You?
Did you know that if you are accountable to a person or group, you are more likely to reach the goal you have set for yourself? A statistic shows that only 67% of people set goals, and within that percentage, only 10% of them will pursue the goals they have set. However, only 2% will actually commit and take action.

Accountability is a powerful behavior yet that is often overlooked. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you set a goal but it didn’t follow through? These unmet goals stem from lack of accountability.

Through M1 Program, we excel in equipping you with the right set of tools, mindset, and formula while we provide the right environment and community to hold you accountable in building the epic life your deserve.

Set a goal NOW. It could start from the smallest of making your own bed every morning to creating a sustainable life on Mars.
Here's how M1 supports you on your march to becoming a whole life millionaire
The Fundamentals of M1
The Five Pillars of M1 are built upon the solid foundation of Extreme Accountability, where you get matched with others who will help hold you accountable to growing in each area of your life.
  •  Age Defying Health - Energy is the edge, learn how to live long and strong.
  •  Financial Freedom - Learn and take action using the habits of Whole Life Millionaires.
  •  Authentic Relationships - Create meaningful and trusting relationships with like-minded individuals.
  •  Bucket List Adventures - Work hard and play hard, making sure you work to live.
  •  Genuine Contribution - Grow your spirit by giving back to others and society.
The first year of the M1 Program is segmented into 3 key areas of Mastery. Each series has been crafted to help you build healthy habits, shift you into an abundant mindset, shape your character, boost your confidence, as well as build strong life-long relationships.

Beyond the first year of the M1 March to a Million program is a series of further coaching and mastery material and opportunities.

At M1, we will march to your millions and beyond. The word quit is not in Rock’s vocabulary. You will become financially free because we won’t quit on you as long as you don’t quit on yourself.

Discover The Path to Personal Mastery – Month 1 to Month 4

Take a look into the mirror and ask yourself. “Am I doubting myself?” If you are, that stops NOW.

Then, ask yourself this: “Am I taking the right actions?” If you’re not, that too stops NOW.

The M1 Program will help you discover ways to train yourself on setting actionable goals to achieve your desired results. Get the insights on how to master The Art of Taking Action. Learn the Top 10 Rules of Success and be exposed to the habit of some of the most successful people on the planet.

Make Money Work For You With Money Mastery – Month 5 to Month 8

Learn how to master your relationship with money and let money work for you! No more red days. No more overspending and no more leaks. This is where you STOP becoming a slave to money.

In this phase, its all about mastering money. Understand how money works, discover how you behave with money and find out how you can improve it.

It does sound simple if you know the right formula for it! And a word of warning – money is emotional, and people do spend according to their emotion. Therefore, learn how to change that and make money work for you!

Wake Up The Leader Within You – Month 9 to Month 12

Believe it or not, there is a leader in each and every one of us. It’s just a matter of making the choice to draw it out and know what those leadership qualities are. If you decide to rise as a leader, then you should learn how to radiate your energy, elevate your charisma and share your vision with people around you.

Explore the facets of people mastery. Learn how to influence, motivate, lead and inspire people so you can share your vision, your mission and the reason you’re here on this Earth.

Discover how to master communication and leadership skills so you are better equipped to influence people in supporting your vision, your purpose to push humanity and change the world to a better place.
Nicholas Spohn
"My mind expands every time I hang out with this crowd..."
Ian Lobas
"We back each other SO HARD..."
Mike Sjogren
"I feel like I've gotten so much clarity from peeling back the onion..."
Ariel Yves
"It was magical..."

“I have more than doubled my passive income . . .

The M1 Program and the power of the mastermind have taken my life to a new level. By living my life with the 5 pillars in mind and focusing on my goals, I have more than doubled my passive income since I joined the program. The mentorship and guidance from such incredible mentors are priceless. This program is not like other programs. You get connected with millionaires and successful entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed and lead an awesome life. I found out who I was in my core and was able to overcome many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from being the person I really wanted to be."
~ Diego Corzo

"Since joining M1 my life has changed dramatically. Here are some of the victories I’ve had while being apart of this tribe . . .

hat victories? Hmmm...Let me see if I can name one or two...
Built a supplement company
Wrote a book
Made great memories with my wife and kids
Got down to 8% body fat
Created a mastermind group with my badass brother from another mother, Beau
Began laying down a solid, unbearable, pain-ignoring, goal smashing, mindset
Built some EPIC friendships
Found some incredible mentors
Created an environment that is GUARANTEEING all my future success
5 X’d my passive income (and growing)
Raced exotic cars, masterminded, played some brutal Ultimate Frisbee
Picked up some business partners and real-deal accountability partners
Found my accountability buddy for LIFE, Austin Stack, who pushes me everyday
to get better, and vice-versa
Learned some amazing skills
Made MORE money
Had more FUN
Pretty much made most of my co-workers uncomfortable talking about
relationships, health, money, success, etc. around me
Raised $5K for the Special Olympics with some GoBros
Started re-framing EVERYTHING..."What's GREAT about this?"
Started taking cold showers every day
Began eating an insane amount of healthy food every day
Read some soul-stirring, greatness-inducing books
Masterminded with guys who make more in 1 month than I do all year
Ate escargot in Montreal
Witnessed my M1 brother Kevin Carroll become a MILLIONAIRE!
Had my son tell me that when he grows up, he is going to join GoBundance
Added value to multiple people who made more money or had better results
because of my actions/help
Attended a bunch of personal development seminars"
~ Rick Graves

“What a mindset shift I have had since joining this group . . .

Hello fellows. Just a little reflection on what a mindset shift I have had since joining this group. Seeing you fellows working so it in real estate has had me shift my attention to different areas. Since joining I have been waking up at 5 am, (this is before I knew anything about Miracle Mornings) focusing on self-learning before going to work at 7 am. I have increased production, and been getting off at 1pm and then working full time on my house until about 7 getting it ready to sell. In spare hours I am looking at real estate and seeing if I can get anything that has either A) A rental suite that produces enough income to reduce my mortgage payments significantly or B) is cheap enough that I can take my equity plus savings and reduce my mortgage enough that I can then fix the house while I live in it and flip it in a couple of years. For those of you who do not know where Bradi Filleul and I live. We live in Nelson B.C. it is without a doubt one of the most desirable places to live in our province. Our real estate market is so hot that houses are getting sold in a day. Real estate agents say they have never seen anything like it. So fast that conditional offers are getting rejected and bidding wars are the norm. I am torn as to whether or not I should just sell and hope the ideal place comes up just so I can jump on it. Anyway, I just wanted to say how amazing it is to see people years ahead of myself in terms of financial know-how learning lessons. This way I get to learn the lessons before I get there!! What Value!! Let's keep up the good work as a crew and support each other. Intentions are everything and with the power of 40 intentions, there is no limit."
~ Judson Wright

“M1 has been an incredible support in this journey . . .

I set the goal as June 2019 not having a clue how that was going to happen. The main thing to tip over the million mark was a merger gaining an equity position in a company. Thanks to Mark Yegge for his great wisdom and encouragement in negotiation. The bulk is from real estate. Biggest thing M1 has helped with is the support and knowledge base but even more the consistency. With events you can go and forget over time but M1 and my pod bros are there every week, every day. Measuring and getting feedback. Seeing what you are missing. I know the way forward is businesses and investments as in cashflow quadrant. But also refocusing on being a millionaire in other areas too like being a dad. Could not be here without Jacqueline Cooper though."
~ Edward Dawson Taylor 

"The M1 program helps define YOU. It’s not just about becoming a millionaire, but learning the habits to create the best possible YOU. . .

To me, the M1 program helps define YOU. It’s not just about becoming a millionaire, but learning the habits to create the best possible YOU. Thanks to the teachings and support of my M1 Unit I am taking massive action towards my future by leaving a six-figure W2 job with 8 months in savings to move from Texas to Arizona in October to pursue a dream in real estate investing and the entrepreneurial lifestyle. M1 has helped find the beast within and now it is out of its cage; it’s VERY hungry and MORE determined than ever."
~ Jake Wells

“I’m more aware of my environment and the people around me . . .

Like many others, I have had many AHA’s in the M1 program. For starters, I have to take care of myself first and make sure that I’m taking action before I can ask anyone else to take action. There is no “do as I say”. A true leader is “do as I do”. Next is consistency, this is a trait that all great leaders have in common. At times I find myself taking the right actions and being a bad ass just to realize that tomorrow I have to get up be an even bigger bad ass. This tribe has taught me that there is no time at this stage in the game to stop and smell the roses. I need to play full out and take consistent action. Celebrate when you move the big rocks. Other than that, act like you have been there before. 
Another AHA for me is making sure that I’m doing the things that I don't want to do, but I have to do. Easy takeaways, I’m saving 10% of my income. I’m more aware of my environment and the people around me. I’m stepping up and being a leader in my household, my community, and my work. I’m even more open to learning and absorbing. I still have work to do. I will ask for help when I need it. "
~ Michael Welk

“It changed my life and I am so grateful . . .

Honestly, thanks so much for reading to the bottom. I personally couldn’t have done it.
I wanted to let you know that “Being Limitless” and all the other seminars OWA gives are totally worth the money. At least, that’s what others have said; personally I’ve only experienced one. The people I most trust in my life have said it, and I trust them, so you should trust them too. Even if you have trust issues.
Honestly “Being Limitless” changed my life and I am so grateful. I’d like to thank everyone who made it possible, that I and many others could experience it in my hometown, in my home state, home country, home world (I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise, especially if it was on Mars).
I like overly thanking people, so thanks again, and again, and fourteen other times.
Trust me, you will not regret it if you go. ."
~ Maria

“Settled on my first 4 unit property yesterday! . . .

Wanted to share a quick win with everyone this morning. Settled on my first 4 unit property yesterday! On my call with Rock Thomas on 3/12, I said I needed help finding a multi-family property and connecting with multi-family investors who were crushing it, and within 2 weeks I was under contract with a partner on a built-as 4 unit. We made settlement yesterday and just added 6,000 to my horizontal income. Not only that but the property appraised for 15,000 over value, and the rents are outperforming our projections as two of the units are renting higher than our original proforma because we're targeting young people commuting to the city (block from the train station). Get focused on what you want, put it out into the universe, and make it happen no matter what. Big ups to Justin Jarboe Joseph Arendsen and Rupesh Patel for keeping me accountable over the past year and for pushing me to continue to level up."
~ Mark McGuire

"Thank you M1 for helping me believe I am unstoppable . . .

In Dec, setting my yearly goals, I put down that I wanted my karate school to reach 40k in a month by December of this year. I was told to focus on getting to 30, as not to be discouraged. We opened our doors in May 2017, with zero students. Our all time high to date was a fluke at $30,440, much higher than most months. - and we were poised to hit it and set our sights to pass it. (Myself and my one employee.)
We then started climbing higher than expected, and started to think- maybe we can beat some of the other schools. Not the big one, open for 9 years, of course, but maybe three of them. Leaving the last week for a Hawaiian vacation, I set my sights and rolled out action plans. I left my team (of one!) and believed in him to finalize some plans and invent some new ones.
Numbers rolled in tonight for month’s finals- and we HIT ALL THREE.
Beat our previous record.
Hit 40K this month.
They said it couldn’t be done. It shouldn’t have been possible. I know these numbers might not make sense outside of the industry but believe me when I tell you, I had to lie down when it became real. It couldn’t have been done.
Last year- I placed this mantra all over my house, and on paper, and in journals and digitally- everywhere in sight.
“Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way."
~ Britt Taylor
Throughout the year Rock Thomas and Partners of M1 hold gatherings and events designed to provide valuable content, allow members to collaborate with other successful millionaires, and develop strong friendships and potential business partners along the way.
Chris Crawford
"One of the best decisions of my life..."
Victoria Houghton
"My experience has been incredible..."
Rebekah Hamner & Ariel Yves
"You will definitely be pushed to go beyond your normal boundaries, so that's one of the things I loved about this experience..."
Chris Benedict
"The return on that investment is so far beyond changing..."
Andrea Powell
"All of a sudden I know people who can coach and mentor me in any kind of areas..."
Tyler Hassman
"I've always needed something like this...M1 made me realize how to live a full abundant, happy loving life..."
Sam Wegert
"I believe that the power of a mastermind for me has simply been to put people around me that call me up to a higher level..."
Edna Keep
"I definitely think you should check out M1..."
Sam Monreal
"If these guys can do it, I can do it..."
Linzee Ciprani
"I've been in M1 for the last year and it has totally transformed my life..."

“I Lost 25 lbs and feel more energetic and excited than ever in my life . . .

In the last year with M1 I have earned more money than I did in any year of my life, I bought myself a brand new car for the first time...I Lost 25 lbs and feel more energetic and excited than ever in my life...My goals for next year are bigger still... and I feel confident I will achieve them. I have made some great new friends and business relationships and I am being held accountable by this strong mastermind group of badasses....This has been a turning point in my life, perhaps the biggest ever!”
What if I started affirming-- "making money is easy" and "selling is fun and exciting", instead of-- “making money is a difficult” and “selling is hard, nobody wants to buy this”? I think I would have created a different financial outcome. Thanks to Rock Thomas and the M1 program, I am becoming more aware of the thoughts that are disempowering me and how I can replace them with more positive, empowering thoughts. By ‘forcing’ myself to think positively, my subconscious thoughts and beliefs will slowly change where it becomes a habit.."
~ Robert Montgomery

"It truly changed my life . . .

“As I finished a 6 mile run on Sunday at 6am I realized how much I've grown since joining M1. In the past, this is something I never would have done, but now it is becoming the norm. Gobundance and M1 have truly changed my life and I am a significantly better person today than I was a year ago when I joined. Thank you all for your help and support in pushing me to be an awesome man!"
~ Seth Choate

“I am back in control and it feels great . . 

Big win: At age 51 I have finally got the body back that I had with 17. I started a complete change of my diet in September 2017 from eating a lot of bread, pasta and dairy to no wheat, processed sugar or dairy with the Wildfit program.
My M1 accountability group gave me the strength to even dare to start Wildfit and to stick with the whole three month program and beyond (to date 240 days with only two exceptions for Christmas and my birthday).
Without my pod I would not have tackled that task. I had unsuccessfully tried to get rid of the extra weight for 25 years, watching rather helplessly as it kept creeping up a little bit every single year."
~ Gaby Wiegran

“It helped me step up and be a better man for the woman I love . . .

I took a step out of the box tonight, my fiancé and are are getting married on June 4th! I just booked us dance lessons up until the big day. I would have never done anything like this before joining this tribe of badasses. It has been awesome to get to know successful people and have a peer group with like-minded ideas and goals. Since joining M1, gradually my old, harmful beliefs are going away and new beliefs of prosperity, success and wealth are starting to emerge ."
~ Brian Hoots

“Bucket List Adventure Weekend! Just want to celebrate some wins being checked off! . . .

My best friend called me and said he had tickets to the Giants vs A's game, I have never been to a MLB game in my life - So he coordinated our old core group from high school to get back together again and see the game! He came down to my town a few days early, so we went to a comedy show that was at a place I've been wanting to go to since I've been in Sac and hadn't yet! Then Saturday night we went to a Sac Republic (MLS) game!  This weekend was full of fun and adventure - 
1. Comedy show! 2. MLB game! 3. MLS Game! 4. Met my partner's parents and her parents seemed to like me!  
Thanks M1! I wouldn't have yes to all these things or had the money saved to do it if I hadn't started budgeting in my fun account!"
~ Mic Murray

"Interesting how something so simple can make such a huge impact . . .

As major catalyst in helping us save our marriage, we would like to feature you in our Legendary Couples community. Not only did you coach me through our darkest time, you gave us tools that we still use today! I have referenced your “don’t direct or correct” when speaking to groups of women more times than I can count. Their jaws drop just like mine did!"
~ Brandy Salazar

“My life has improved since joining . . .

I just wanted to let you know how much your leadership is appreciated and how much my life has improved since joining M1. I have always had this burning desire to coach, lead, mentor, speak, and positively influence as many people as I can. I never knew where and how to find a platform to do so, until joining M1. I am very excited about the growth opportunities, possibilities, and relationships that will evolve in the upcoming weeks and months. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so EPIC."
~ Kevin Ferguson
Mike Sjogren
"I honestly just can't say enough about it..."
David Downs
"It's 10x'd everything that I'm doing..."

"I finally posted my Airbnb yesterday . . .

with the help of our Brother Marcos Jacober who has been so generous with his time and knowledge. Guess what!!!! I’m already booked for tonight 🎉💃 and have another reservation later this month in less than 24 hours!!! I can’t believe it, getting it done ✅ 
Huge thank you Marcos Jacober you truly are Da Boss! Super grateful."
~ Melissa Masella 

"My commitment to age defying health and managing my money has paid off . . .

I just learned that I have been approved for a "super preferred rate" from Prudential Life Insurance. My insurance agent told me that only 5% to 10% of the population receive this rating. This means I'll save $2200 a year on premiums as a result. All because I have been paying better attention to my health and wealth."
~ Michael Blumberg

"Thanks to M1 crushing it on a job interview . . .

I am pretty sure they are ready to make an offer, I just got a call that I couldn't answer and then a text from the guy I would be working directly for asking for salary requirements. I happen to know that they offered the position at 95k plus commision. Commission is set but there may be wiggle room on salary. I was going to just say 95k (easy right?). Then I thought maybe I should push it a bit further. Ideas? I got a call back right after my third interview that I feel went really well and thought I might just push it a little but I am right up against a psychological barrier of six figures."
~ Jesse Murray

"I was deep into debt and made it a goal to pulverize my debt before the end of this year . . .

It's been a real struggle but with a ton of lessons and breakthroughs along the way with amazing opportunities that have lead me closer and closer to this goal! I can safely say that I have paid off nearly half of all my debt and am about to be debt free on all credit cards within a few days using a strategy that I trust is the right one. Within about 4 months, I was able to nearly double my income because I learned to attract the perfect clients that I wanted to serve and influence positively. I also learned that I am in no way supposed to be an employee in this lifetime. In order to experience the happiness I deserve, I must be the boss lady I was destined to be with all the juicy benefits and responsibilities that come with it.
I'd like to thank the support of this tribe, my wooooooo pod (yes, our pod name is an exclamation/noise because we are obsessed with celebrating one another), my ultimate circle of influence, my intuition and the hunger to learn and become more. By learning to become more courageous and more loving of myself, the universe decided it was time to reward my efforts and landed me a $60K video editing contract at the beginning of this month with an amazing client within the field of medicine and progressive medical applications (fighting the effects of GMOs specifically). I'm also working with celebrity doctors from the US to carry their research and messages across online platforms. AWESOME, right?
I look forward to rebuilding my credit score and tackling the big elephant in the room, my LOC, one step at a time.
This journey has been super interesting, challenging, encouraging, but overall very eye opening.
I had a feeling since the end of last year that 2018 was going to be an amazing year for me.
How is everyone else doing with their big audacious goals for the year? Make 2018 your best year too! It feels dope!!!"
~ Linda Rosenberg
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Frequently Asked Questions
How will I access the course?
You’ll get immediate access to the program the moment you complete the order. You will receive an email with your login details so you can access the first rule right away.

Upon login in, you’ll see the ten rules, which contain all the videos. You will start with rule 1 and continue along as soon as you complete each rule.
Is the Top Ten Rules of Success for me?
This program is for salaried professionals, managers, sales professionals, small business owners, service providers, homemakers and virtually all who care enough to want more in life. In fact, in this program, you’ll learn how to gain wealth and abundance while actively nourishing all the other gardens of your life like health, relationships, contribution and more.

After you finish the program, you’ll…

Get a clear path to follow to achieve your vision and goals of living an epic life.
Be free of any programming and blocks stopping you.
Feel confident about your life purpose.
Have a solid plan to grow your net worth.
Solve all the beliefs that are negatively impacting your happiness in life.
When will I see results?
As fast as you want. If you’re committed to follow the exact strategies, systems and the rules I teach you, you’ll start seeing a positive impact in your life. Which in return will help you grow exponentially in all areas of like before you even finish the ten rules.
What if I don’t see results?
I like and breath these rules every day and have complete faith in their results so if you don’t love the results AND you don’t come up with a plan to raise your income dramatically… you will receive a total refund on the program.

Yes, we offer a full 100% refund on every penny you’ve paid (up to 30 days from the purchase date).

This program is the very best of its kind if you ask me so if it will not change your life there’s no effort required at all to claim a refund. You just have to email us at
What does 100% risk-free and money back guarantee mean?
You see, I’m taking a HUGE risk for you in this program. We are going to give you full access to our tools and systems of success because I have full trust in our model.

After 30 days from your purchase, if you don’t LOVE the results you’ve got or if you don’t like the way the teaching is delivered… we insist you get a total refund on the program. Yes, a full 100% refund on every penny you’ve paid.

That’s how confident I am when it comes to this. In fact, there’s no effort required at all to claim a refund. Just shoot an email with the subject line “cancel my M1 membership” to anytime within the first 30 days and you’ll get a 100% refund.

It can’t get any better than this.